Fresh Food In Garbage Can To Illustrate Waste







Good afternoon from Team Seeds!

We hope you’re all enjoying this marvellous spring weather. At this time of year we all enjoy a bit of a spring clean, and it’s tempting to blitz our fridges too. But food waste is a subject dear to our hearts at Seeds, and after reading this marvellous blog post, we realised that there is so much more that we could do. There are so many great idea here – who knew that squeezed out lemon halves can be used as firelighters? Or that hummus can be used as pasta sauce?

But we also figured that our amazingly resourceful little community may have a few tricks of its own up its sleeve, so we would also love to hear your ideas. What do YOU do with lemon skin/banana peel/old teabags/mushy tomatoes…the list is endless. We are looking forward to learning something new!

Lots of love,

Team Seeds