10 Tips from Seeds Food Market for Eating Clean for the Holidays (and beyond!)

This a tricky time of year to pledge ‘self-care’.  There are late nights, busy-ness and many temptations.  But because the Holidays also create extra stress, it can be even more important to treat yourself well.  Here are 10 tips to stay on track over the Holidays and beyond:

  1. Keep moving!  It will keep your endorphins pumping (this helps you deal with stress) and will help to burn off all of that extra food. This can be as simple as making sure that you walk after dinner, or as big as signing up for something like a “Jingle Bell Run” sports event.
  2. Detoxify between indulgences by taking a ‘greens’ supplement of some kind (yup – we sell these!).
  3. Fill up with high fibre foods – this will keep you full for longer, stabilize your blood sugar (the thing that gives you ping-pong mood swings, fatigue and food cravings), and aid in digestion.
  4. Eat protein with your meals – this will also keep you full for longer.
  5. Fill half of your plate with veggies 1st when you are at a buffet or large family dinner, and then add the heavier parts of the meal to your plate. This will keep the fibre up and the calories down.
  6. Clean up your Holiday baking:
  7. Try substituting whole wheat pastry flour for ½ of the white flour in your recipes. It will increase the fibre and Vitamin D.
  8. Change the fat. Substitute coconut oil for ½ of the fat called for in a recipe. It is a much better option than butter or shortening for overall health. Or substitute mashed ripe banana, puréed plums or applesauce for ½ of the fat to reduce overall calories.
  9. Make an egg substitute with 1Tbsp ground flax seed mixed with 3Tbsp water. Let stand for 5 minutes. Trade this out for one of the eggs in your recipe to increase the fibre and good-for-you essential fatty acids.
  10. Substitute almond milk for regular milk in recipes to reduce the saturated fat and calories.
  11. And finally:
  12. Eat Mindfully. Too often we ‘scarf’ our food down without much thought – especially when there is an abundance of treats everywhere we go. Take this opportunity to bring gratitude and awareness to your eating rather than stuffing yourself. We are so blessed to even have the opportunity to overeat….think about it.