Roll up, roll up to the fourth edition of 5 Minutes 5 Questions! We are loving the enthusiastic response we’ve had to this series. Thanks to all of our interviewees so far, and please, do come forward if you’d like to participate too – it’s only takes a few moments!

This time we spoke to local artist and mom of two Sally Podmore, another of our regulars who we see in the store several times a week. We say it all the time but it bears repeating – we have some of the loveliest customers around!

What’s your favorite product in Seeds?
Through the summer it was nectarines, and I also love the Heavenly Goodies loaf of bread.

What’s your favourite local place for a picnic?
In Courtenay, Puntledge Park, and I also really like Gartley Point beach.

What’s your signature dish?
When I’m cooking for a whole bunch of people I really like to make a baked tofu dish with chickpeas and almonds in a coconut, ginger and peanut sauce. I bake it and do it with steamed veggies and rice. It’s sort of an original creation!

What’s your favourite cookbook?
I just bought the Bliss cookbook from Victoria. I love the restaurant, but I haven’t actually made anything from it yet! I’m really bad with cookbooks – I just like to look at them and get ideas and inspiration. But the Hollyhock Cookbook is really great too.

What’s your guilty food pleasure?
Chocolate is probably my most consistent guilty pleasure – I have it pretty much everyday!