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A full-service Green Grocer in the heart of Historic Cumberland on Vancouver Island.

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Local businesses produce more income and jobs for local communities than big box stores do.

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We are committeed to reducing the ecological footprint created by food consumption.

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After years of exercising in workout clothes that eventually end up smelling pretty funky (it happens to all of us!), we have finally created a magic solution.  Or at least the recipe for one.  It worked so well we thought we’d share it: Fill a bucket or sink with HOT water.  Add a ½ cup […]

Spring Cleaning? Many of the chemicals used in conventional store-bought cleaning products haven’t undergone any testing to ensure that they are safe for us or for the environment – most don’t even list their ingredients.  When you use these cleaning products you expose yourself and our ecosystems to health risks. They should be of special […]

A friend gave me this recipe just before Christmas and it’s so yummy that I actually made some to put out in lieu of Christmas baking and they were a real hit.  They have amazing health properties (antioxidants, hormone balancing, all of the good oils, etc.) and I thought that now would be a great […]

10 Tips from Seeds Food Market for Eating Clean for the Holidays (and beyond!) This a tricky time of year to pledge ‘self-care’.  There are late nights, busy-ness and many temptations.  But because the Holidays also create extra stress, it can be even more important to treat yourself well.  Here are 10 tips to stay […]

It’s that time of year again –  time for eating for warm soups and stews.  What better accompaniment than a homemade hot-out-of-the oven scone?  Try these — you won’t even notice that they are a gluten-free substitute for that lovely comfort food…. Gluten-Free Cheese Scones Preheat oven to 425 degrees (this is one of the […]